Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you


Lizzy Hindman-Harvey, born in 1980 in Philadelphia, PA, is a multidisciplinary artist primarily known for her work in branding, printmaking, public art, and landscape installations. Lizzy has garnered recognition for her creative direction, contributions to landscape and public art projects, and, more recently, her distinctive body print monotypes on paper. Lizzy brings a diverse and professional skill set and perspective to her artistic endeavors with a background encompassing roles as a creative director, landscape architect, graphic/web designer, and product manager specializing in web design tooling.

The essence of Lizzy's artistic vision lies in documenting bodily sensations that narrate stories of perception, orientation, and emotion. Her body print monotypes, in which she uses her body as her medium, are just beginning to develop. Her mark-making approach symbolically uses the monotype, a method that illustrates the iterative and repetitive ways a body processes the phenomena of the remarkable and the everyday. This work has already been featured in the Silent Academy web publication. Lizzy has previous experience creating art for a public space. Along with Jake Beckman, she was selected to create a permanent installation, "Carried Across," for the Smilow Center for Translational Medicine. 

Her extensive professional experience enriches Lizzy Hindman-Harvey's artistic vision. For almost a decade, she was a Creative Director and Product Manager at There, she led a high-performing team of designers to consult with over 50 percent of the Fortune 500 brands worldwide, such as National Geographic, Meta, MoMA, Amazon, Google, MIT, Airbnb, Coach, Sundance Film Festival, The NBA, Microsoft, Salesforce, NPR, The Atlantic, Comcast, The New York Times, TikTok, MAC Cosmetics, and Adobe. For five years before that, Lizzy was a landscape architect working on built projects in Philadelphia, notably the Temple University Landscape Masterplan and the Schuylkill River Trail. For many of these years, Lizzy also taught design and other courses. This breadth of experience informs Lizzy's artistic practice, infusing it with executive-level professionalism and cross-disciplinary collaboration skills. 

Lizzy Hindman-Harvey's work is held in esteemed institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania and The Rhode Island School of Design. With her innovative approach and dedication to exploring the nuances of human experience, Lizzy Hindman-Harvey continues to make impactful contributions to the contemporary art scene.


2007 - 2010 The Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI - Masters of Landscape Architecture

1998 - 2002 Guilford College, Greensboro, NC - Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in History

2022 Product School - Product Management Certification

2006 Harvard University, Boston, MA - Landscape Architecture Certificate

2004  - 2007 The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC - Post Baccalaureate - Biology, Printmaking, Botany

Professional Experience


lizz.les, Philadelphia, PA - Chief Creative Officer

  • Building a studio art practice centered around motherhood, the (queer) body, land, and ecology 

  • Strategizing exposure and representation of work in different marketing channels using product management experience and North Star metrics

  • Crafting compelling stories for grant applications 

APRIL  2020 - FEBRUARY 2023

Splash, NYC (Remote) - Product Manager

  • Led two international development and design teams to develop new and improved tools in the Splash native platform

  • Created, through deep data-driven customer research, a vision for an AI design tool enabling our customers to create templates in minutes and give them customizable design control of resulting pages

  • Utilized Design Thinking, Scrum, and Lean methodologies

  • Introduced the platform's first accessibility tools that accommodate screen readers and haptic devices

  • Improved the image tool by creating a more straightforward UX experience for cropping, rotating, and SVG handling   

  • Created a portal for third-party page analytics that measures page performance

  • Initiated the platform’s first data retention plan that adhered to GDPR, CCA, and other regulations

SEPTEMBER  2015 - APRIL  2020

Splash, NYC/Philadelphia, PA  - Director of Splash Creative and the Splash Designer Network

  • Created a design-influenced revenue stream of $9 million ARR by building a world-class team of 14 full-time and remote freelance designers (domestic and international)

  • Developed and optimized project management flows and delivery timelines with a cross-functional team of all departments. 

  • Strategized and designed (UX and Graphic) the roll-out of event website templates for client and public use

  • Created intricate large-scale event program schemas to maximize RSVPs on the Splash platform and tools

  • Led customer webinars explaining concepts of design for scale and attendance

  • Consulted with over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies. Notable clients include National Geographic, Meta, MoMA, Epic Games, Samsung, AWS, Amazon, The New School, Columbia University, Instagram, Google, Palo Alto Networks, MIT, Airbnb, Coach, Sundance Film Festival, NBA, Anheuser Busch, Conde Nast, Microsoft, Beam Suntory, Salesforce, NPR, The Atlantic, Comcast, Twitch, Boston Consulting Group, The New York Times, TikTok, Sephora, MAC Cosmetics, Madewell, Adobe.

APRIL  2013  - JULY 2015

LRSLA, Philadelphia, PA - Landscape Designer/Architect

  • Lead designer on the Temple University Landscape Masterplan, Temple University Liacouras Walk, UPenn Gregory House Garden, City Hall North Apron Redesign, Kutztown University Masterplan, Four Branch Renovation of the Free Library of Philadelphia

  • Consulted and co-created with specialists during installation on-site 

  • Managed internal staff and consultants to produce complex deliverables on a timeline

  • Designed and documented construction budgets, plans, details, site, and planting plans 

  • Created high-level 3D renderings published in the Architect’s Newspaper and PlanPhilly

2011  - 2012

Studio|Bryan Hanes, Philadelphia, PA - Landscape Designer/Architect

  • Lead designer on the Rodeph Shalom Synagogue, Three Logan Tower Plaza, 37th Street Pedestrian Mall, Navy Yard Entry Sequence at 26th Street

  • Supporting designer on the Philadelphia Rail Park 

  • Designed and documented construction budgets, plans, details, site, and planting plans 

  • Created high-level 3D renderings for client proposals and award submissions

Teaching Experience

2015  - 2020 - Splash School and Splash platform training programs

  • Adapted classic Design Thinking methods to teach designers how to build responsive website templates, email templates, and social share collateral using the principles of graphic/ UX design, branding, and CSS

  • Wrote and socialized a manual QA process to detect graphic and scalar deficiencies with website templates and associated assets

  • Trained all  employees (all levels, all departments, including C-Suite) on the importance of branding and graphic design for events

  • Led more than 15 highly attended webinars to train customers on the Splash platform and the principles of graphic/ UX design, branding, and CSS

2011  - 2013

Philadelphia University (now Jefferson University) - Adjunct Faculty

  • Courses taught: Urban Design 1, Digital Graphics, Construction Documents, and Environmental Policy

  • Coached students through manual graphic representation (orthographic and perceptual projections)

  • Organized class trips to significant landscape architectural sites (Philadelphia, NYC, Washington DC)

Permanent Installation

2013 Smilow Center for Translational Medicine - Permanent Sculpture Collection

Graphic Publications

2024 Psychedelic Outlaws by Joanna Kempner - Dedication Graphic (release date in summer 2024)

2024 Silent Academy Newsletter, February - Body Print

2024 P.I.T., February - Radical Solidarity Film Poster

2024 P.I.T., December - Ben Morea Book Launch Poster

2024 Silent Academy Newsletter, January - Body  Print

2023 Silent Academy Newsletter, November - Body Print

2023 Silent Academy Newsletter, October - Multimedia drawing

2022 Jim McHugh and Eugene Chadbourne - Record/CD cover, sleeve, and insert

2014 Architects Newspaper - 3D Model and Photoshop Rendering

2014 PlanPhilly - 3D Model and Photoshop Rendering


2018 Community College of Philadelphia, Faculty Show of Built Work

2010 RISD Masters Thesis Show

2010 RISD Landscape Architecture Accreditation Show

2008 - 2010 RISD Annual Landscape Architecture Exhibit

2006 UNC-CH Printmaking Exhibition

Honors and Awards

2016 - 2020 Splash Sharpie Award Winner 

2015 ASLA How We Play Playground Design Award, with LRSLA (now Ground Reconsidered)

2013 Nominated Artist, Smilow Center for Translational Medicine

2012 Finalist, SEPTA Art In Transit

2012 Honorable Mention, Re-Stich Tampa International Ideas Competition, with Studio Bryan Hayes

Visiting Critic and Appointments

2013 The Barnes Foundation, History of Urban Agriculture and Sustainable Sites

2013 Philadelphia University (now Jefferson University), Sarah Endriss, Site Ecology Design

2013  Philadelphia University (now Jefferson University), Claudia Philips, Site Design

2012 Philadelphia University (now Jefferson University), Kim Douglas, LArch Dept Meet A Professional Day

2012 Swarthmore College, Jake Beckman, Art in Public

2011 RISD, Jake Beckman and Crystal Ellis, Constructing the Infinite

2010 GSD, Harvard University, Julie Gawendo, Landscape Arch Career Discovery Program

2010 RISD, Alexander McCargar, Introduction to Architectural Design

2010 RISD, Elizabeth Dean Herman, Narrative Flows II

2009 The Boston Architectural College, Colleen Clines, Summer Academy

© Lizzy Hindman-Harvey 2024

© Lizzy Hindman-Harvey 2024